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These days there is no shortage of computing tools or techniques. But more times than not there does seem to be a shortage of time in which to complete a project. An expedient solution often comes down to knowing what tools are available, understanding their utility, and recognizing their applicability to the task at hand.

VBArtistry has a workshop full of tools. Two of our most powerful and frequently used tools are Access and Visual Basic for Applications. We have found them, especially in combination, to be versatile and effective in strategies our creative genius has devised for various systems and components of systems.

Our interest in, appetite for, and experience with finding and implementing uses for Access and VBA equip us with an unusually broad working knowledge of the use of these tools. Thus, when our clients turn to us with the question, "How should I...," we are well-versed with both the short and long versions of the answer, "Like this:..."

At this point we readily submit that consultation is not our mainstay, and we would much prefer to build a database than explain or advise on how to build a database. Yet, an infusion of our expertise at a crucial juncture in the development of a project or in specific regard to a component of a project can prove invaluable.

We will not necessarily engage all requests for consulting. If, on any particular issue, we feel we cannot render service satisfying a standard we have set for ourselves, we will thank you for the inquiry but respectfully decline. Should you find yourself in need of our consultation services, or in need of more information about our consultation services, please contact us to initiate a dialog.



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To learn more about how VBArtistry consultation services can be of benefit to you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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