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Here you will find a collection of various
computing reference materials and resources
that we find interesting and informative, if not invaluable.



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The Two Best Resources

Microsoft Knowledge Base

Each of the Microsoft Office applications, including their respective Visual Basic for Applications libraries, contains resources that VBArtistry uses extensively and finds indispensable: their own help files. These we regard, along with the Microsoft Knowledge Base, as the resources most useful, necessary, and valuable to our day-to-day development activities.

Some users variously describe these materials as unclear, confusing, esoteric. Generally, we find just the opposite to be true. The information is well structured and organized, easily referenced, clear, thorough, accurate, and effective toward the assistance and solutions sought. However, given the volume of information available, finding just what you want sometimes can be challenging.

These certainly are not the only resources of merit. A wealth of information is as close as your favorite search engine—in fact, probably too much. On this page we have gathered references to a few of the information outlets we feel to be particularly noteworthy, primarily relating to the VBArtistry business of development and programming in and for the Office suite. Naturally, then, most are to be found somewhere under the huge Microsoft umbrella, but certainly not all.



General Computing

Features, Articles, Tips

MSDN Library

MSDN Download & Code Center

Script Center

Office Updates & Downloads

The following is a list of links to computing resources that we have used, found beneficial, and can recommend. Although not necessarily relating directly or exclusively to development or programming, each is exceptional its own regard and worthy of citation.




Media Center


Other Microsoft Links



Technology Providers


Here we recognize a (very) few exceptional providers of technology-related services. VBArtistry has prospered with the assistance of these capable organizations and gratefully acknowledges their support.




The Best in Freeware


Now for a few freeware titles. These arguably are the best of their respective classes. Utilities, games, screensavers, etc. that make your computing more productive and enjoyable.




Current Virus Info (JavaScript required)


Finally, the very latest, up-to-the-minute data on viruses, Trojans, worms and hoaxes, courtesy of





Contact Info


VBArtistry.COM is pleased to be able to present these resources to you. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions.

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