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VBArtistry is a modest but capable software development firm founded in 2001 by Juan Northcross, a consummate Access developer and Visual Basic for Applications programmer with a long history in computing dating to 1975. An MIT alumnus, his background includes employment with the Office of City Clerk, Denver, CO; the Manville Corporation, Ken Caryl Ranch, CO; and the National Bureau of Standards and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Boulder, CO. His experience features extensive programming in various languages.

Our Work Ethic

We can guarantee client satisfaction because it is of prime importancenot just to you, the client, but to us. It's good business. Moreover, it's a matter of self-satisfaction. VBArtistry operates according to principles that dictate commitment to this guarantee. And why not? We render the high quality of services that support this commitment, and we possess the skills and expertise that engender this quality. Once you become a VBArtistry client you will find that we live up to these high standards.


Our acclaim is steadily on the rise, as our proven skill and expertise in the field of Access/VBA development win the conviction of clients and peers. Here are a few responses of industry professionals typical of VBArtistry feedback:





What's in a name?

“The art of craft.”

What does "VBArtistry" mean? What is VBArtistry?

A good database is a useful tool. An outstanding database is a work of art. It is not merely a dependable tool, it is a thing of beauty. Sure, the application is founded upon the exacting disciplines of mathematics, computer science, and engineering, but there's no one absolutely correct way that it must be constructed to serve its intended purposes, to accomplish the desired objectives. There always are alternatives, more ways than one to desired ends. And if two solutions are equally valid, if two methods are comparably purposeful, if two renderings are likewise illuminating, then what's the difference? Why are there so many variations on so many utilitarian objects?

Art. Craft. The art of craft. And that's what is embodied in our databases. Not only—and not primarily or necessarily—because of superficial graphics, but by virtue of their design, their structure, their clever and resourceful ways of accomplishing their tasks. The notion of unique wares being wrought at the hands of highly skilled artisans seems medieval, but the concept fully is applicable, here, today. The construction of a truly excellent Access database requires knowledge, experience, skill, craftsmanship, artistry, and Visual Basic for Applications, which is to say, VBArtistry.




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VBArtistry.COM/VBArtistry, Inc., 40802 Mile High Station, Denver, CO 80204-0802, USA

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